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Barrie Davis ~ Australia in Song and Story
Busker’s Waltz

"Affectingly retro in style, Davis is a compelling entertainer with a powerful baritone, a penchant for grand sentimental ballads and the songs of Eric Bogle, and a grab-bag of humorous yarns, poems and commentaries that he has woven into a sort of Down Under cabaret entitled "Australia in Song and Story."
Greg Quill, the Toronto Star

On The Busker’s Waltz, a varied and vibrant collection of tunes by Australian singer/songwriter, Barrie Davis, brings the Australian landscape and its people to us in song and story.

The Busker’s Waltz is a musical “walk-about”. From the stirring I Am Australian, the classic When the Rain Tumbles Down in July, the biting The Swaggies and the international epic And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, Barrie weaves a vivid tapestry of the country “down under” in true troubadour fashion. With his heartfelt delivery and original arrangements he honours some of Australia’s finest song-writers including Eric Bogle, Bruce Woodley (the Seekers), and the legendary Australian country singer Slim Dusty. Barrie has chosen material that resonates with the forces that have forged the identity of Australians; the unforgiving elements, British colonialism, a culturally rich and oppressed Aboriginal population, working the land, the railway, and more. He also leaves plenty of room for humour with Silly Slang Song and Wine good examples of the Aussie down-to-earth disdain for anything that takes itself too seriously.

Barrie accompanies his warm baritone on an Australian-made Maton 12 string guitar. Early musical influences include The Weavers, Joan Baez, Peter Paul & Mary and The Kingston Trio. The songs of Jim Reeves led to an interest in country music and artists such as Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. Later the work of Stan Rogers and Eric Bogle influenced his style and choice of material. These days his focus is on contemporary Australian folk music and humourous material, plus of course his endless and unexplained fascination with railroad songs. With a sense of humour which ranges from the impish to the macabre, and a repertoire of songs to match Barrie is a regular performer at Australian folk clubs, folk festivals and has been touring regularly in North America since 2002.

"Barrie Davis is an engaging performer who easily draws in an audience with humour, a warm voice and marvelous songs. His distinctive repertoire ensures a performance many audiences will not forget."

Jan Vanderhorst, Just Us Folk, CKPC-FM 92.1, Brantford


"There is a wonderful feeling that fills the listener when presented with familiar songs delivered in well crafted original arrangements matched to a voice that can evoke heartfelt emotion. Barrie delivers that feeling."

Dean Verger, Rasputin's Folk Cafe, Ottawa


"Barrie Davis takes us on a vocally rich and resonant excursion through Australia's life and times .....something to please everyone."

Carole Whitelock, Radio 5AN, Australian Broadcasting Corporation


"Barrie Davis is an engaging entertainer who loves to travel, tell a great story, and invite us into his world through visual lyrics and his warm voice. Not only are we invited in as listeners, but we want to stay in that space a while, rest.... and become arm chair travellers through his musical 'walkabouts.'"

Laurie-Ann Copple, CKCU FM, Ottawa


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