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Where The Light Gets In

Hope you had a Happy Labour Day!! I'm getting ready to start on some "creative" labours of love over the month of September.

Where The Light Gets In.......Where do you see the light? I love openings - so much so that I have a whole exhibition on the subject called, oddly enough, Openings - literally places where the light gets in.

Doors, windows or archways manifest architectural detail, give history lessons and become works of art at the hand of the elements. Those openings found in nature, and those within us suggest another way of being or perceiving. All offer an invitation.

I am expanding on this theme and extending an invitation to you. Throughout September leading up to National Culture Days (Sept. 25,26,27) I am collecting photos from community members of doors, windows, vistas in nature, the play of light on land or water, or photos of what you see around you that lights up your heart, mind or imagination. A very broad range of subject matter!

I will be sharing some of the photos on-line, printing up and displaying them on the Art LIne at the residency house here in Port Haney, adding them to a group collage work that you can help create, and we will exhibit this work at The ACT from Sept. 27 - October 15!

Here a sample - two beautiful photos submitted by Karen Horne, one of play of light on the water and the other a festive door with the promise of light and warmth:


Here's a sampling of some of the collage created through workshops at CEED Centre Seniors Group, some with scans of personal photos and also using scans of some of my work and archival photos from the Maple Ridge Museum Flickr site.

I have a series of sessions over the month of September, suitable for all ages participation, in which you can add to the group collage and also make a one to keep.

Sunday September 13 & 20, 1- 4pm Fern Crescent Artist in Residence Studio

I will be joining my fellow artist in residence Robi Smith at her studio at

23740 Fern Crescent. In addition to the collage work you can make a lantern with Robi.

Saturday, September 19 - GETI FEST in Maple Ridge Peace Park

I will have a booth at GETI Fest - bring your photos, make a collage or just help collage the door panels we are using to display the work.

Sunday, September 27 Culture Days Collage at The ACT from 1-4pm

At this session we will finish collaging the actual doors with supplied materials and the photos you bring down.

You can send in your photo(s) to me now at, join a workshop and bring your photos with you, or attend our collage-in at The ACT on September 27! Emailed photos should be no larger than 1 MB in size. If you are bringing hard copy photos to a workshop please bring 4x6 prints. For information contact Kat at

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