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Art Studio Tour This Week-end!

Well, this is going to be an exciting and busy week preparing for the Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Art Studio Tour coming up this week-end May 9 & 10. Painting up a storm, but not quite what you might think - finally creating my House of Blues! Literally - this week I am painting the Artist in Residency house blue and white, the colours of the Finnish Flag. When you come to my studio on the tour I'll sing you a Finnish folk song and tell you more about the flag and my deep connection to water.

20150503_180212_resized (2).jpg

For the studio tour, I will be showing some of my photography, paintings of course but there will be things for folks of all ages to make and take, bubbles (the world needs more of those!), and you can add to the free-weaving sculpture in the front yard and try my best lemonade!

I'll also be doing mini concerts from 3:15- 4pm each day - maybe with some surprise special guests. The weather is going to be perfect for studio touring so get your map and plan your route!!


#artstudiotour #music #fibreart

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