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The Positive Resistance Community Quilt

Over the last few months I have been inviting folks to make quilt squares. The community quilt is being created by community at large – everyone from the CEED Centre seniors to students - a multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-representational quilt expressing hope for the future of Maple Ridge and the world.

Each quilt square embodies positive energy, a positive resistance to negativity in our community and/or around the globe – in any way the individual chooses. It's all about putting positive energy out into the world through art.

I will be holding some square painting sessions in a variety of places over the next few weeks:

Wednesday, September 20 - 3-5pm - Fern Crescent Artist in Residence Studio - 23740 Fern Crescent - at this session I am joining fellow artist in residence Robi Smith - and she will have all the supplies for you to make a lantern for our installation/event at Davidson's pool on September 29 River Songs and Stories.

Tuesday, September 19 - Kat & Tony's SongCircle CoffeeHouse - 7-9pm CEED Centre

Thursday, September 28 - Port Haney Artist in Residence Studio - 11630- 224th Street - 4-6pm

The quilt will be on display 6-9pm October 12 at MR Council Chambers at another event "HOME is Where the HeArt Is!" for Homelessness Action Week. For more info, or to get a quilt square to finish on your own contact me at

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